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How to Winter-Proof Your Resort Cottage



Follow these helpful winterizing tips & tricks for a good Winter and an even better Spring!

  • Remove all food items, even dried foods & canned food
  • Remove bottled water, pop, beer, and wine
  • Place steel wool around all water pipe openings under sinks
  • Remove all liquids, such as shampoo, soap, cleaning products
  • Place tiles or heavy objects over vents to deter unwelcome outside guests from entering
  • If you place any outdoor furniture in the cottage for storage, place carpet or cardboard under it as to not dent the floor
  • Secure any outside furniture or place inside unit
  • Do not store propane tanks in or under cottage
  • Unplug small appliances. Coffee makers & water coolers should be taken home as water resides in the lines & will freeze
  • Remove battery backups from any detectors/ appliances & take home so they do not freeze
  • Remove shower heads from shower & take home as they will freeze
  • Ensure accessibility is available to all rooms for staff
  • Remove & take home any solar lights
  • Ensure all windows are locked as your cottage may shift over the winter & your windows will pop open
  • If you are going to set mouse traps keep them away from the water heater & make a point of coming to check the traps by making appointments through the winter
  • Do not place items under your cottage near the water connections
  • Do not store anything inside the bathtub/shower

Click Here to Download the Checklist


During the winter,  we will monitor cottages during and after high wind and snowstorms. Any cottage with perceived damage will be notified directly via email with a  description and photos (if necessary), and next steps will be discussed.

If you do not receive a notification, all is well with your cottage.

Please call ahead to your resort to book an appointment if you are wanting to visit your cottage.