Who We Are

Our Purpose

To provide families with a fun, affordable and carefree vacation for a day, a week or a lifetime on clean, safe, well-maintained resorts.

We value quality, fun & we DARE TO CARE!

Our Purpose


Dare to Care – What does that mean?

Do the Right Thing
Expect the Unexpected
Own the Situation
Clean, Safe & Well-maintained
Always sell the experience
Responsibility to communicate
Every day, go the Extra Mile


Great Blue Resorts has emerged as the leader in the Cottage Resort Industry. In 2008, we realized the Canadian cottage dream was not feasible for all Canadians. With this mindset, grew the need to fill this gap by providing affordable family-friendly resorts in highly sought after Ontario Cottage regions.

Starting with our first resort, Woodland Estate Resort in The Kawarthas, has now grown to 10 all-inclusive cottage resorts throughout Ontario.

We are proud to offer quality products and services and virtually maintenance-free to both cottage owners and resort guests!

Our Resorts

As a resort cottage owner at a Great Blue Resort, you and your family will enjoy a carefree lifestyle.

Our Team

Over the course of the last 20 years, Great Blue Resorts have assembled an elite team of industry exerts with the goal of scouting existing campgrounds, searching for the most beautiful sought after locations in Ontario, ensuring that we are able to bring the Great Blue experience to family friendly resorts while upgrading service and amenities.

What started out as one resort in the Kawarthas, the Great Blue Resort portfolio has now grown to 10 resorts, placed strategically across highly sought after cottage country locations in the Kawarthas, Muskoka, Prince Edward County, Perth, Simcoe County and Saugeen Shores.

At Great Blue Resorts, we pride ourselves on the exceptional expertise and diverse talents of our dedicated management team, with 50+ years of international cottage resort management experience and a passion for excellence our experts are at the forefront of operations, marketing, accounting, business development, strategic planning, and bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and innovation, ensuring you receive the highest quality of service across our portfolio of resorts.

If you would like to join the Great Blue Resorts team, visit our Careers Page.


We are committed to sustainability in every aspect of our operations. With a deep respect for the environment, our company takes great care in preserving wetlands and the natural surroundings within our resorts, ensuring that the beauty of these natural landscapes remains untouched.

Great Blue Resorts also prioritizes sustainability through its smart building practices, utilizing green products and partnering with eco-conscious vendors. Recycling programs are in place to minimize waste, and an overall environmentally conscious ethos drives our commitment to reducing our ecological footprint.

Great Blue Resorts is dedicated to offering guests an eco-friendly, sustainable vacation experience and resort cottage ownership experience, amidst the natural wonders and beauty of Canada’s pristine cottage country.

Please note the current interest rate as of April 2023:

From 7.99% OAC with amortization of 180 months for new cottages. These rates are subject to change without notice. E & O.E. For down payments, a maximum of $20,000 can be paid using a credit card. Any further payments can be paid by transfer or certified cheque.


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