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Top FIVE Recreational Cottage Essentials

We’re so excited here at Great Blue Resorts to be celebrating our Opening Weekend and we hope all of our owners can make it to their recreational cottages this weekend! 

There’s so many things to get organized before you and the family make the drive up to one of our resorts.  Did you pack all the clothes?  Did you remember the kids favourite toys?  Did you remember the kids?  We joke, we know you won’t forget the kids.  On a serious note, we want to make it easier for you to travel to one of our eight resort locations because life is complicated but the cottage life shouldn’t’ be.    

Below are our top FIVE essentials for any cottage goer.  These tips will help you plan your trip whether you are a seasoned cottager or a newbie heading out with the family for the first time. 

  • Bring extra blankets.  May is the start of the nice weather but it can still get chilly at night.  Make you sure you pack an extra blanket or two to keep warm. 
  • Bug spray! In cottage country, bugs can appear at any time. Typically, black flies and mosquitoes don’t usually make an appearance until mid-May but best to be safe and bring that bug repellent.  Public Health Ontario has great advice on their website to keep safe from outdoor related illnesses.
  • Hiking is King in the spring. A favourite activity of many of our owners and visitors alike in spring is to go hiking. It’s still a bit too cold to jump into the lake so hiking is a very popular exercise for many staying at Great Blue Resorts.  Bring extra socks and change of shoes or boots.  Keep those feet dry! 
  • Lighten up.  Bring flashlights, extra batteries and charging cables for all your electronic devices. All of your Recreational Cottages come outfitted with electricity but the outdoors can get dark at night and a handy flashlight or your cellphone light can keep you safe while walking around at night.
  • Sun protection. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.  Even though it’s not quite summer yet, the UV rays can damage eye sight and can still give you a pretty nasty sunburn.  Come prepared for any weather situation!

Bonus Pro Tip:  Don’t forget the  s’mores supplies!