Course COVID-19 Policy

The well-being of our Bellmere Winds Golf Resort owners, guests and staff is our top priority. We closely monitor The Public Health Agency of Canada and our local health authorities for their recommendations and immediately apply them to operating protocols.

We kindly ask that you arrive to check-in at the clubhouse no more than 15 minutes prior to tee time. No post game congregation is permitted anywhere on the property at this time. Maximum of one customer in the pro shop at a time. All customers must keep a minimum of 6 feet apart at all times.

When putting, there is no touching of the flag permitted and it is to remain in the cup at all times.

The Clubhouse is temporarily closed for dine-in until further notice.

If you are feeling ill or have a fever, please stay home, and cancel your tee time.

If you have any questions, call the Clubhouse at: 705-295-3000