Introducing The Clearwater

3 bedrooms
1 bathroom
624 sq.ft

Own from as little as $40,657 down and $250.45 weekly

SOLD OUT. Pre-Order Today!

In addition to great value, the open layout, and generous extension, The Clearwater offers its owners ample living space for families and guests to enjoy. Modern furnishings paired with a classic and relaxing colour palette ensures a calm and peaceful interior that compliments the natural resort surroundings.

Imagine a day spent exploring the great outdoors, including hikes and bike rides around surrounding trails, splashing in the pool or lake, or excursions into nearby towns to explore all the local sights and sounds, then coming home to relax and unwind in this refreshing resort cottage. Now that’s living!

Owning at Great Blue Resorts is as easy at 1-2-3!
Choose your cottage, choose your resort and site, and kick back and relax in your very own, private and safe family cottage.
Plus, SAVE BIG with special financing rates – only available for new cottage purchases. Schedule an in-person or virtual tour by filling out the form below.

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